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  • 甘肅金緣泰新材料有限公司

    Gansu Jinyuantai New material Co., Ltd.


    Yancheng Hongyan Chemical Co.,Ltd.


    Solvent Blue 78

    Product Image
    Product Name  
    CAS No. 2475-44-7
    EINECS number 219-602-1
    Quality Index A grade product/B grade product
    Packing specification 25kg or according to customer needs
    Product packaging Woven bags/ton bags, according to customer needs
    Product Description This product can be used to color various thermoplastics, and can also be used to make fireworks. It is mainly used for coloring the original pulp of various plastics (such as PVC materials, ABS materials, PS materials, PMMA materials), resins and polyester.
    Structural formula

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