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  • 甘肅金緣泰新材料有限公司

    Gansu Jinyuantai New material Co., Ltd.


    Yancheng Hongyan Chemical Co.,Ltd.


    Solvent Blue 122

    Product Name Solvent Blue 122
    CAS No. 67905-17-3
    EINECS number 267-636-0
    Quality Index Standard
    Packing specification 25kg or according to customer needs
    Product packaging Woven bags/ton bags, according to customer needs
    Product Description This product is a coloring material suitable for PVC materials, ABS materials, PS materials, and PMMA materials. It is a disperse brown GL dye and is used to manufacture Disperse Blue R, Disperse Blue SW, Acid Anthraquinone Violet R, and Acid Anthraquinone Pure Blue SG , Acid anthraquinone green G and other dyes and 1,4-diaminoanthraquinone intermediates.
    Structural formula

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